It is no secret that infrastructure modernisation is a huge factor to the economic growth of a city, especially one as large as Melbourne. Modernisation involves replacing legacy hardware, consolidating and rationalising the infrastructure footprint. These bring obvious benefits to the stakeholders, and tenants and enable everything to operate efficiently and smoothly.

Many companies contribute to the growth and modernisation of Melbourne’s infrastructure. In terms of infrastructure development in particular geographical areas, cranes, construction, logistics, and transport play a key role. ODLS has also contributed to these sectors by offering improved transport solutions and equipment.

With a large fleet of vehicles that are capable of transporting heavy loads, the company specialises in heavy transport and oversized cargo loads. Historically ODLS has worked on some amazing projects and helped to improve infrastructure throughout Melbourne, including transporting components for the MCG, Rod Laver Arena, West Gate Bridge, Bolte Bridge, Pedestrian Overpass between Birrarung Marr and the Melbourne Park precinct, among other impressive projects.

Ongoing projects include the Electrical Switchrooms modernising the power and signal communications of Melbourne’s Rail Network. ODLS has transported and placed over 100 Over dimensional Switchrooms into Melbourne’s Big Build Level Crossing Removal and Regional Rail Revival projects over the last 3 years. Placing them into locations where access for mobile cranes is difficult or even impossible, ODLS commonly uses Trailer Hydraulics to lower the rooms to position on their legs, then drive away from beneath. This process eliminates the need for Mobile Cranes which are costly, noisy and time-consuming processes.

Furthermore, the company’s jacking and skating crew have the capability, expertise, and equipment to jack and skate items up to five hundred tonnes. Bridges, plant & equipment, structures, if ODLS can get over it with our Overhead Systems or if the item can be lifted from beneath, it can be loaded/unloaded directly to/from a trailer.

In addition to the Switchrooms ODLS has also moved a significant number of bridge trusses exceeding 130 Tonnes to a number of the new rail over bridges as part of the Level Crossing Removal Projects throughout Metro Melbourne. These over mass components involved use of Platform Trailer combinations and extensive support crew.

Also in upgrade phase is Victoria’s Metro and Regional Power Network Terminal Stations and Substations. With aging infrastructure, ODLS has been instrumental in the delivery and placement of multiple Power Transformers up to 180 Tonnes to Richmond, West Melbourne, Springvale, Ringwood, Heatherton, Rowville, Moorabool and Terang Terminal Stations. Supporting these upgrades, ODLS is also delivering switch/control rooms and Ground Fault Neutralisation Systems, minimizing the risk of fires, injuries and damage caused by power lines and enabling maintenance of safe power supply without power outages.

Further to the works within Victoria, ODLS is a trusted partner to deliver and place critical electrical infrastructure in NSW, QLD, SA and WA for a wide variety of manufacturers.

ODLS is dedicated to providing clients with solutions for their transport, lifting and relocation needs. Our solutions do not only mean offering tools and equipment, but ODLS can also provide the project experience and skilled workforce to handle the equipment on site. 

Their ultimate goal is to provide the highest level of service to meet the specialised needs of clients and continue to help to improve the growth and modernisation of Melbourne’s infrastructure. 

Get a quote from ODLS for any of your transport, lifting or relocation needs and take part in contributing to the growth and modernisation of Melbourne’s infrastructure by partnering with a company that has been adding value for years.