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Choosing the right energy provider is an effective cost-cutting exercise for households looking to save on their utilities. Since the New Year energy retailers generally are expected to make changes to energy tariffs and there is a chance these might surprise you. The best way to avoid bill shock and paying excessive energy bills is to compare gas and electricity providers.

It is advisable to change energy providers to get the best deals on gas and electricity prices. Many Australians have a habit of switching every one or two years, which is a good measure towards avoiding the retailer’s tariff and in return will save you a decent sum of money. When your fixed tariff comes to an end, which it eventually does, you can be moved to your retailer’s standard tariff, which is generally more expensive, or have your rates increased, unless you sign up for a new deal.

With the New Year upon us it is a great way to start off your year knowing that you are getting access to the latest electricity rates and are not paying too much for your electricity and gas.

To check if you are paying too much for your energy bill, Select and Switch are ready to help you compare gas and electricity prices from an extensive range of providers in your area. Select & Switch is actively helping Australians find the right gas and electricity provider to make sure that you are getting the best electricity deal from our panel of leading energy retailers for your area. Select and Switch ensure that they have the latest rates from their partners available and are across all price and regulatory changes for the New Year.

Finding the Best Energy Plan

You can help yourself to decide if you have the best deal in the market if:

You Have a Fixed-Rate Energy Plan – If your energy bill is predictable enough, you have probably done a great job of comparing energy providers in your local area. If you need to check or your fixed rate energy plan has finished, then it is easy to compare the best electricity rates from our energy providers in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia with Select & Switch.

Your Electricity and Gas Prices seem Reasonable – Whenever looking for gas and electricity providers, everyone looks for a reasonable and affordable plan. As energy prices change regularly it is always a good idea to complete a regular comparison to see if your existing electricity and gas rates are still reasonable or competitive. Select and Switch can help you to quickly and easily compare your recent electricity or gas bill to make sure you are not paying too much. The comparison takes less than 5 minutes and is completely free for you to check if there is a better electricity deal available to you.

Your Energy Plan Offers Discounts off the rate – Your energy tariff might be different from others as it may offer a discount off your usage, or from your usage and supply charges. Some retailers now offer cheaper rates without discounts, and it can be both frustrating and time consuming to try and compare a range of energy retailers when their rates are displayed differently. Select and Switch’s free energy bill comparison tool will do all the work for you. Simply input your postcode, energy type and some usage information from your recent electricity or gas bill and the comparison results will tell you if you could save money by giving you the total amount that your recent bill will cost against our panel of leading electricity and gas providers. Should you have any questions or need help to compare your bill then you can contact our friendly consultants on 1800 959 969 or email us at