First: English language

Second: Hindi language

Third: German language

Fourth: French language

Fifth: Persian language

The importance of learning languages

  • Approach ability with other individuals of different nationalities
  • Getting a unique job opportunity
  • Identifying new cultures.
  • Providing job opportunities abroad.
  • Enhancing self-confidence.

The 5 most popular languages in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates consists of seven Arab Emirates, including Dubai, where many residents who speak different languages ​​depending on their country of origin live.

Standard Arabic is the official and first language in Dubai, but with the large number of residents and expatriates to Dubai from all over the world, the spoken languages are increased such as English, Hindi, French, German, Farsi and other languages, which increase the demand for translation services Dubai. These languages are considered the most important and popular in Dubai. We will explain each language separately and its importance in daily dealings in Dubai.

First: English language

The English language is the best-known and most widely used, not only in Dubai, but also in the whole world. It is taught in Dubai schools as a second language due to its great importance in the lives of citizens inside and outside Dubai. It is a common language used in shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, companies and many places in which they deal on a continuous and daily basis. Since Dubai includes many residents of different nationalities and languages, then it was necessary to have a common language between these residents to make it easier for them to communicate and deal with each other without hardship. The English language plays this role because it is the most prevalent and used language in the world,  which is spoken by most people, whether as a mother tongue or as a second language. Even if it is imperfectly, it makes it easier for them to deal with different nationalities.

Second: the Hindi Language:

Asians make up a large proportion of Dubai residents, and Indians in particular make up the largest proportion of arrivals to Dubai for the purpose of residence and work. Therefore, Indian, Urdu, Bengali and Malayalam languages and Indian schools are spread in Dubai, which they are managed by wealthy Indians living in Dubai. In addition, many traders come from the Indian subcontinent to Dubai markets. Dubai is considered the favorite city for Indians in the United Arab Emirates.

Third: the German language:

The German language is considered one of the most difficult languages in the world, but in the current era it has become the most commonly used language all over the world, especially in the labor field. The labor market has recently become in need of German speakers with very rewarding salaries that even exceed English speakers due to their small number and the increased demand for them. German schools and institutes that teach German language deployed in Dubai, and many companies in Dubai need German translators to get their work done.

Fourth: the French language:

The French language is considered one of the easiest and most beautiful languages in the world and one of the most widespread languages in the world. It is spoken by many citizens as a mother tongue and by others as a second language. It is also spoken by many expatriates to Dubai, including those who speak it for the purpose of study and learning. French Translation Offices ARE deployed in Dubai, and many people resort to them in order to finish their work and personal transactions as there are many jobs that need French speakers.

Fifth: the Persian Language:

The Persian language is one of the Indian languages and is considered one of the languages that is not widely spread around the world. In Dubai, it is spoken by a small group of Iranians who come to Dubai and work in many companies therein.

Eventually, as we previously mentioned, the importance of languages in communication, openness to the world and identifying other cultures that agree or conflict with the original human culture, will make the individual flexible enough to accept the difference in culture, language and belief, and thus he can easily communicate and deal with others.

The importance of learning languages:

Learning other languages in the current era has become one of the urgent and necessary matters, which importance in communicating with others cannot be overlooked. The importance of learning languages can be summarized as follows:

  • Approachability with other individuals of different nationalities and languages

Language helps the individual to easily approach a large number of people in different languages, thus acquiring more experiences, cultures and knowledge.

  • Getting a unique job opportunity

By learning different languages, a person can broaden his perceptions and thus increase his chances of getting a suitable job and make him competing other employees applying for the job. The owners of companies such as companies that provide translation services in Dubai or elsewhere, often need speakers of other languages in order to be able to deal with customers in foreign markets.

  • Identifying new cultures

Scientific studies have proven that learning another language improves human thinking skills and improves his memory. Furthermore, language learners are more creative and have a better ability to solve problems, as well as make them more familiar with other cultures.

  • Providing job opportunities abroad

The lack of language learning is an obstacle that prevents individuals from traveling to other countries, as the language helps its speaker to move from one country to another, whether for tourism or searching for a job or scholarship. Many translation companies always need translators, such as translation services offices in Dubai, Egypt or different countries.

  • Enhancing self-confidence

Learning other languages opens the door to your mind to acquire new language terms besides your native language skills, and all of these things help you gain more self-confidence, deal comfortably with others, and avoid making language mistakes.