Providing relevant and engaging messages to your customers is the centerpiece of effective omnichannel communication. Clients and prospects typically respond to notices that hit them at the right time, in the right place, and in the best way. Finding them at the right moment is intuitive, but there’s also a science to it that you can solve with the appropriate omnichannel software solution.

Omnichannel Messaging: The Right Time

Do you know when your customers are most active and receptive to sales and marketing messages? When are they interested and curious? If your product is related to business services, are you reaching your customers during the workday when they already have urgent problems to solve? If not, are you advertising to them while they’re at work or thinking about how they can relax during their time off?

These are essential questions to answer before determining when to send your marketing messages. Omnichannel messaging systems and omnichannel marketing software solutions like Mitto can help you figure it out.

It’s about more than knowing whether your customer works a nine-to-five; it’s about knowing what podcasts they listen to on the way home. It’s about being the meal kit subscription service company that sends an SMS message to their ideal client the moment they come home and stare at their empty fridge, wishing they had an easy, healthy meal. 

Omnichannel E-Commerce: The Right Place

In addition to knowing when to reach your customer at a time that won’t bother them, it’s about reaching them in a way they prefer to be contacted. If your ideal prospect or existing client is mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, they might be open to your really creative ad and your willingness to respond to them on Facebook Messenger, for example. 

This is how omnichannel e-commerce can work for your brand. It means analyzing when your prospective buyer will be online and how they like to be reached. If they opted into email alerts from you, chances are they’ll be more receptive to email reaches as part of your omnichannel e-commerce campaign. Your omnichannel software should take all of this into consideration.

Omnichannel Software: The Right Way

Managing what we’ve defined as the right place and the right time can be tricky when you’re working on multiple campaigns; have primary, secondary, and tertiary demographics with opposing preferences; and also have to consider things like ad budget for omnichannel communication and omnichannel e-commerce

With an omnichannel software solution, the program’s artificial intelligence will help you decide how to find that customer where they are and when they want to be reached. 

Omnichannel software services like Mitto offer dashboard metrics, so you can describe the reasoning for choosing the marketing recommendations the software makes. In addition to using the software, you should consider the information you know about the clients or input data about them into the software. You can do this by surveying your existing customers through your omnichannel software, then adjusting your marketing campaigns to suit the preferences they’ve outlined.

Omnichannel communication is an ongoing learning experience. Consider finding a software solution that adapts and supports you with data and recommendations to help you succeed in marketing.