The lines between personal and professional life have blurred more than ever with the rapid advancement of technology. Mobile archivers are essential for protecting sensitive data and ensuring compliance with company standards.

Failure to secure confidential data via archive mobile communication can expose any business to regulatory compliance mandates. It can also make it vulnerable to cyber attackers who can easily hack networks.

Consequences Of Failing To Archive Mobile Communication

Hackers can easily penetrate corporate networks using social engineering techniques like phishing. To pose a threat to an organization, some use malicious apps or unsecured WiFi network connections to do so. Text request reports that 89% of consumers would like to send a text message to businesses. This means that the challenges faced in this form of communication are increasing along with technology’s advancements. One of the best solutions for this dilemma is strict system monitoring which AT&T archiving has.

Mobile Archiving Sollution: The Compliance Case

Global regulators and policymakers have issued new laws and regulations in response to increased use of text messaging and calls from personal phones for business purposes. These laws state that all business communications via mobile devices must be kept for transparency and compliance. Businesses of all types, such as finance, education and IT/BPOs, find mobile archiving more useful. The holistic mobile archiving solution can:

  1. Capture correspondence from a wide scope of mobile channels.
  2. Respond to administrative requests by effectively looking for the right data.
  3. Eliminate consistence hazard with consistent portable call and instant message checking highlights.
  4. Go past consistence to acquire significant business knowledge.
  5. Support BYOD and remote work approaches.

Every business should not be subject to regulatory and compliance risks. It must also protect its employees and customers. Any company can reduce its vulnerability to hackers by getting a AT&T message archiving. If the system finds your archiving service effective, it is most likely that your company’s archiving service works well.

To know more about determining if a mobile archiver POC is successful, you can read this infographic from TeleMessage.