With companies shifting their work, it is necessary to accommodate yourself according to your needs. Increasing efficiency is not just time management, though; it’s more than that. Multiple factors can affect workplace efficiency; one such study discusses how having a healthy relationship with coworkers is suitable for work efficiency. Having to work in a new normal (การทํางานแบบ new normal, which is the term in Thai) environment can be pretty challenging because of deadlines, work stress, and mental pressure, however, specific strategies can help you manage.

1.        Do Not Procrastinate

A significant issue among today’s employees and workers is that they tend to procrastinate and not start working on time, creating stress and conflicts later. The tension then leads to poor performance in their project, affecting its growth.

2.        Stay Organized

An important tip is to stay organized and manage work efficiently. Staying organized will not get your job done on time but will get it done correctly without many problems and defects. One such technique is to make small goals and then check them with every successive completion; this will positively influence your mind and help you stay consistent to work in a new normal.

3.        Time Management

The importance of time management is very evident and keeps track of your work. One thing that helps you manage is to write down how much time you give on one topic to understand your habits and work speed. Plus, noting down the daily activities to check your time management is an excellent strategy to be aware of the time spent.

4.        Take Breaks

Breaks between works are crucial; otherwise, information overload can make you slow and confused. Even the research has proved that having a 10 min break between hectic meetings will only improve your next session by increasing your attention levels.

5.        Be Optimistic

After continuously working, getting frustrated and irritated is a normal stress reaction. However, this stress of working in a new normal will further affect your functioning and health, so one has to have a positive mindset to work with things optimistically.