The global market is experiencing an accelerating growth. Globalisation and technology has granted access to various goods to customers all over the world it is also possible for businesses to meet those customer needs.

It is economically feasible to ‘turn to the east’ for any business. China is often referred to as a “world’s factory”.  In the recent times of COVID-19, China was the only country to show a positive GDP rate, that too of 3.6%. Owing to its ability to manufacture products at an affordable and quicker rate, Supplybase Solutions have become a leading importer in the UK from China. As a leading exporter, China attracts a large number of foreign businesses. China is home to the largest port in the world, Shanghai. China is the third largest trader in the UK after Germany. 

Supplybase Solutions offer low manufacturing costs for quality products leaving margins for profit, which is appealing to businesses. The ability to mass produce at competitive rates has made Chinese products popular. The market and demand for affordable Chinese products is still on the rise in the UK. 

Before you jump to import from China, keep these factors in mind-

  • Mode of shipping

China is approximately 6,756 miles away from the UK. Importing products from such a distance requires thorough planning. Choosing a mode of shipping depends mainly on the type and need of the product. 

Large amounts of goods are best shipped through sea freight, at a cheaper rate. But this takes time. If you need products urgently, it is better to get them air shipped. This mode is costlier, and favourable for smaller loads, and high value items. 

To set on a shipping option, it is important you identify your shipping goals and move accordingly. 

  • Essential documents Supported by Supplybase Solutions.

A number of vital documents are needed for buying goods from China to UK.

  • Commodity code- Finding the right commodity code for your goods is important. These are custom authorities used codes to identify the items you are importing into the UK. The codes help ensure payment of tax and duty and following of all legal and safety regulations.
  • Economic Operator Registration Identification (EORI) number- This number is used to keep record of imported and exported goods. It is a requirement when importing commercial goods from China.  You would have to register with UK authorities to get this number. 
  • Import licence- Ensure whether you require import licence for your goods or not prior to shipping. It’s important to check this since some products are subject to import regulations.
  • Customs registration (CR) and Power of Attorney (POA)- For non-documented goods, irrespective of their value, you are required to have a Chinese CR and POA. 
  • Labels and invoices

Supplybase Solutions assure all your items have labels and invoices attached, including the correct details of-

  • The sender and receiver
  • Quantity of items
  • Value of goods
  • Detailed description of items
  • Commodity codes
  • Pay VAT fee

When buying goods from China, you need to pay a certain amount of tax. The import duty and VAT, or Value-Added Tax, need to be paid on all your products. They duty will depend on the category and usage of goods in the UK. Supplybase Solutions manage these costs in the sourcing and supply process.

  • Supplybase solutions are your supplier and shipper.

There is a wide variety of shippers, offering an array of services available in the present time. Choosing a reliable and transparent shipper is vital. We at Supplybase Solutions, are a team of experts in sourcing products from factories and China wholesale suppliers. We have decades of experience in importing goods from China to the UK. We have our own warehouse in Ningbo China. We can even help you with storage of your goods in the UK.

Using Supplybase Solutions can actually reduce your burden to handle each and every minute task till the product is delivered. Overlooking every step from selecting product, manufacturer, placing order, delivery timelines, custom documents and what not, is bound to pile up on your other business responsibilities. Hiring professionals to coordinate the whole process is a smart move. 

We, Supplybase Solutions, offer services in purchasing of raw materials as well as finished products from Factories and Chinese wholesale suppliers, negotiating, warehousing and outsourcing. We have solutions which can be created to your needs. Our satisfied clients are proof enough of our smooth functioning across the continents. You should focus on your business KPIs while we utilise our resources to deliver you the desired products.   

Call us and we can discuss how you’re sourcing needs can be met.