There is no debate on the benefits of high website traffic. We all want it, work towards it and compete for it. What separates the successful sites, from the rest, is the number of visits they can amass. And keep, as that’s the other half of the battle. Modern audiences have a built-in filter for paid advertisement and shady practices, coupled with a low tolerance for sites that waste their time.

Add to that rising competition, worldwide exposure and instantaneous communication, and you’ll soon realise that getting traffic may be everyone’s end goal, but not many sites survive to reach it. We’re here, so you don’t have to share their fate.

1. Provide quality content

If you wish for your business to succeed, you must provide some goods or services. If you aim for your site to be successful, you must provide content that helps your users. Blog posts, articles, newsletters, interviews, reviews, collaborations (more on that later), social media posts, and any activity where you are writing something of value are how you get visits to your page.

2. Mutual collaboration

You’re not alone in your quest to get more people to visit you. Thousands, if not more, companies are competing towards the same goal. But you can turn that competition into collaboration. Chances are that similar companies are in your brand, and you are doing a similar business venture. If you aim to grow your business performance, you can turn to invite them to appear in a joint endeavour. Standing as one and tackling the market makes you that much stronger, and you will appear as a unified front.

3. Practice exchanging links

Link exchange is similar to collaboration because both parties involved get something in return. Google’s algorithm favours connected content, and when you exchange links with someone, you both connect your content and get one free article in return. If you are building up in the world, link exchange is an inexpensive way to get traffic and better SEO ratings. Speaking of SEO, it is our next item on the list.

4. Do your keyword research

Google’s algorithm is merciless. Shady, low-quality, copied and deprecated content is punished and placed on the last pages of Google’s search. Even great content gets put to Google’s second page, and we never visit those. The front page of Google, and its top five places, are where you want your company to appear. Getting there requires time, a pro and recommended SEO company from Sydney, and proper keyword research.

Keywords are what your potential users type into their Google searches. Whenever they type any keyword associated with your business, you must appear on top or lose them forever. By adjusting your SEO strategy, you can achieve just that!

5. Active emailing

Believe it or not, emails are still the popular and de-factor strategy to get people on your page. Emails have passed the test of time, and few other methods can compare. Striving towards better email deliverability is a slow and arduous process. At first, you will have a high bounce rate and low open rates, but it gets better with time. Filtering active from passive users, building up your mailing list and honestly asking people to subscribe to your newsletter is the way to go! Building an active consumer base for your email follow-ups is one way to convert them from readers to visitors!

6. Find the right platform

Social media platforms are hunting grounds for your new visitors. Each platform has its niche, its visitor and the user type for which it exists! It’s your job to find out where your business fits in and what your approach will be. Speaking the language of the social platform you are on is paramount for resonating with its visitors. Fail that, and you will get outcasted, and your brand reputation will get damaged forever.

7. Try guest posting

Other platforms may have an advantage, but you can use them to gain something for yourself. Guest posting is leveraging your quality content and the other site’s popularity. They get content that drives in the masses, and you get potential exposure. On paper, it may be a win-win situation, but securing a guest post opportunity is difficult and rare. Persistence and determination are needed to get your first break, and when you do, try your best to seize it.

8. Optimise your website

Some factors are directly under your control. Your website is your one chance to make a lasting impression, so you must make it the best site possible. A high number of visits is meaningless on its own. If users come and bounce after a second or two, then what did you truly gain? Your site needs optimisation. It must load in less than three seconds, its videos compressed, and its images light. Navigation must be smooth and clear, and your product or service must be plastered front and centre for the users to see. Don’t waste anyone’s time, and you will understand how to optimise your website for maximum user satisfaction.

9. Engage with your people

Every comment, review and email is your chance to shine. If your users took the time to answer or write anything to you, you are obliged to follow. Companies that appear active on social media and platforms create an impression that resonates with people. People respond to genuine affection, and if you can provide, people will flock towards your site.

10. Use the data you have

The road to success requires you to use any tool available. Forging your destiny and raising your traffic starts with using Google Analytics and branching out from there. Each person visiting your site leaves data and tells a tale. One that you can use to your advantage, improve on your weaknesses and emphasise your strengths!

You can have the best site in the world and remain obscure if no one is there to visit you. If no one visits a site, does it truly exist on the web? Following our guidelines will prevent your site and business from obscurity and let you grow into a place of leadership where you belong!