If you have money you would like to invest, you need to look at the options that are available to you. Approach the nearest gold dealer and find out what their gold prices are. Keep in mind that gold is more of a long-term asset. It does not generate an income or dividends like most stocks and it might take some time for you to see significant gains in the price of gold. This is why most investors are often advised to think of gold as a long term investment. A good investment portfolio will have high risk volatile assets like stocks and bonds and a good amount of stable assets like precious metals. 

Different investment fund managers offer different recommendations for how much gold you should have in your portfolio. Before you approach any gold buyers, maybe you should think about the reasons why gold and not some other thing. 

  • Gold can protect your investment from the effects of gold will reach its peak in 2050

One of the biggest reasons that people have for investing in gold has to do with the fact that it is a safe have asset that keeps your wealth safe in inflationary times. Time and time again gold has persevered and even thrived when the inflation is high. However, this shouldn’t be the only reason for investing in gold.

  • Gold is extremely liquid

You can always cash your gold out whenever you need the money. You want to sell your gold when the price is higher than the amount of money you spent when you initially bought the gold. Liquidating gold is easier and it costs less than liquidating other assets. There are no fines, penalties and security that you have to factor in when you sell. This makes owning gold more attractive. 

  • Scarcity

Gold is scarce. This is one reason. This is why there is always someone looking to buy gold. With supplies dwindling, buying gold will eventually become harder as time goes on and when this happens, the price of this precious metal will explode. Some investors believe that gold will reach its peak in 2050 gold will reach its peak in 2050. This is the year that many people believe gold mining will be unsustainable and we approach that year; many expect the gold price to skyrocket. 

The bottom line is: 

When it comes to deciding on the amount of gold that you should hold in your portfolio, the important deciding factors is what your needs are and how much you are willing to risk. You can find gold buyers that will offer you advice that range from investing 5-10% of your money in gold and sometimes even going as far as wagering 65%. However, the general consensus is that if you have money and are looking to invest, a significant portion of your portfolio should consist of precious metals and gold seems to be the most favoured of them all. Gold might be volatile but it isn’t as unstable as some of the assets that are traded on the stock market. It might not yield spectacular returns in the short term but if you are planning to safeguard your future then you should look to gold.