For those looking to invest in a luxury boat, you can expect a return instantly. Especially within a syndicate, buying a luxury boat and chartering it awards you the benefits of sole ownership for a fraction of the cost.

To optimise your investment, sharing a luxury boat with an organised group is essential. Between establishing a preferential system- so each member can choose the dates they want-  as well as flexibility to rent out the luxury vessel for third party use, you can recoup your costs whilst confidently looking forward to your family holiday each year.

Moreover, the maintenance costs and associated duties are split amongst the syndicate which helps keep the vessel in pristine condition. Idle boats that collect dust at the dock can diminish in value but this is very unlikely with professionally managed syndicate.

There are many various boat companies around Sydney Harbour and Pittwater, such as: Boating Partnerships, Boat Equity and SMART Boating; all of which can take your preferences and schedule them accordingly to ensure an equitable arrangement. It is also worth noting, that although the revenue is taxed, all other expenses related to owning the vessel are deductible. The investors receive the proceeds of charter revenue on a monthly basis.

The instability and rigamarole associated with traditional air travel has spurred demand for a holiday that offers reliability and adventure.

Naturally, luxury boating offers these in droves as well as a raft of other benefits. Your schedule can be as busy or as open as you choose as you set the tempo each day. Each owner can enjoy unrestricted access to his or her luxury vessel while it is not in use for a charter.

MV Alfie & Co are one of Australia’s most renowned luxury boating companies and are in the process of updating their charter fleet. They are searching for investors interested in yachts ranging over 65 feet in length.

A signature vessel such as the V65 Princess can seat 6-10 people allowing friends, family and other small groups to have an unforgettable experience. The 65-foot luxury yacht is a world of splendour and provides a fantastic opportunity for syndication or rental. The “Estate Room” comes fully equipped with a Queen bed and ensuite whilst the VIP twin cabin is an ideal place to rest for the lucky visitors. There are no limits on charter vessels. Before you embark, you can personalise your meals, drinks and handpick your guests and visitor locations.

MV Alfie & Co has a thriving charter business at Australia’s busiest sailing port, and the company can provide you with examples of prior charter earnings. Luxury boat enthusiasts are informed about potential dangers, such as unfair contracts, difficulties renting the boat, and maintenance issues that may arise. MV Alfie & Co examines the buyer’s size preferences and provides models such as the MV Bruce; a 75′ Sunseeker Predator, and the G5, V65 Princess. The experts at MV Alfie & Co handle all charter bookings as well as regular cleaning, maintenance, and supplies.

Aspiring boat renters and owners can expect unrivalled quality, elegance, and performance from the team at MV Alfie & Co. As you step aboard, our crew will take care of your needs thereby helping you fulfil your optimum aquatic excursion. In any case of emergency, they provide you with well-trained personnel who are always available to answer your questions. MV Alfie & Co are specialists in hassle-free boat rentals and syndication, ensuring that all passengers have access to the most opulent vessel that is tailored to their needs.