Communicating properly with potential customers through emails is not an easy task. How do you get through the avalanche of emails and messages that are poured into buyers’ and customers’ email accounts? Today ordinary extravagance or the number of requests isn’t enough. A detailed tutorial from the experts at on engaging customers through commercial purchase offers will help you figure it out. You can read it at But in addition to these useful and important tips on working with commercial emails, you should know a few simple but important tips on how to compose and maintain emails with offers to collaborate or buy products.

A concise greeting: cross out meaningless pleasantries

Keep your message short. It’s best not to use verbose and meaningless formal statements. Clients with whom you’re communicating would like to get to the information immediately, without delay:

– business people value time and effort;

– annoying paragraphs with meaningless pleasantries, irrelevant phrases and preambles are not necessary;

– verbose and meaningless introductions, appeals and strutting will be perceived as copied from someone else’s thoughts and words, samples, rather than unique information.

That is why you should respect your interlocutor. But get to the point right after the first words.

Feelings of guilt and unfulfilled obligation: it can’t get any worse than that!

Don’t write a text that will make the recipient feel guilty, much less obligated. This heavy-handedness in communication will play a cruel trick. “Why didn’t we buy until now? Didn’t respond to my previous 20 emails? What on earth is wrong with you?” Maybe in some cases this is an acceptable way to communicate. But in 99.9% of cases, it’s not a good way to talk to customers. You can permanently lose contact not only with the specific recipient of such a letter, but also receive a lot of negative feedback.

Text that entertains is a good idea

To combine in the text not only usefulness, brevity, but also a grain of humor, informing about useful and important things. Here it is necessary to understand one important detail: to inform about important, useful, and necessary things, even about purchase, you can in different ways. For example, someone describes it all in the form of boring texts with tables, where there are many columns and figures, which are completely unnecessary for understanding the proposal. And someone can explain his idea and offer a service in simple words, understandable to a common person.

Not all businesspeople or marketers are talented text writers. But experts in their industry will be able to find a twist that will appeal. That’s what matters – accurate and useful information. Transmitted in simple text and without abstruse phrases, which will be the most effective way of communication.