Quality is a thing that we all care about. It is not easy to get quality products and not easy to produce them consistently. Companies have to go through a lot and find the perfect setting to be consistent in producing quality products for the clients. Once a business finds out such a company that has products that meets requirements, it is time to find ways to get hands the products. One of the best ways is to strike a deal with an authorized distributor.

Authorized distributors can offer quality product from a renowned company while providing some other necessary services as well. Once you find an authorized distributor that can provide your business with what it wants, it is time to stick to the business for good. But it is not easy to find an authorized distributor. Here are some of the helpful ways to make the journey a bit easier.

Internet and acquaintance

These two are way too much helpful when you need to find something. Internet is capable to find answer to your questions while the comments of your acquaintances might help you to narrow down your choices. As you shortlist a few, it is better to go for the online reviews. These reviews often help to get a better idea about the business than anything else.

Authorization certificate

Authorization by some company is given through a certificate. An authorized SKF distributor (ตัวแทน จำหน่าย SKF, term in Thai) is able to provide authentic products of a company. They can also offer more variety and numbers than others as well. The certificate is usually on show all the while. Make sure to note it when you arrive for a live discussion.


Understanding the requirements

If there is something that one must be careful about, it is the list of requirements. A business might need various kinds of products in less number or huge number of specific products. A business that is ready to lend you time and ear is always good. A business, a strike, a deal with another business that can meet all the requirements.



Striking a deal with one distributor for several items is more cost effective than striking multiple deals with various distributors. Look for a distributor who can offer different products that your business needs. This will save both time and money. It will help the business in the long run as you can have products supplied even on short notice.


A company produces multiple items and distributors usually sell products that falls under a certain niche. Make sure that the distributor has a good stock of quality products from the authorizing company.


Order fulfilment

Always talk about this thing before you actually sign on the papers. No one wants a company that will take forever to supply the order. Usually there is a date for supplying the products. Through unforeseen incidents can cause a delay in some cases, this cannot happen always. Make sure to ask if the distributor can supply orders on emergency basis if such situation arrives.