If you run a commercial laundry, you have to consider getting a high-performance coin operated washing machine and dryers from reliable brands like Girbau North America. Such machines offer myriad benefits that can help you scale your services. Some of these benefits include

The ability to customize the laundry machines

Modern washing machines come with programmable features. This means you can set specific instructions that allow the machine to run automatically. For example, you can set instructions for specific fabric types, the time for each cycle, and the amounts of detergents used. This means you can program your machine to run a cycle and dry the laundry without you being physically present. Additionally, some Girbau North America laundry machines are digitized in that once the cycle is done, you’ll receive a notification. When dealing with multiple devices in the commercial sector, you can reduce the need for numerous personnel by using management software to control and monitor each machine. This saves you time and money.

They are energy efficient

Modern industrial machines are designed to do more with less. Modern machines use fewer resources and can clean more quickly than traditional machines. As such, you won’t have to worry about skyrocketing utility bills when running a commercial laundry. Investing in modern machines will cost you much but will save you more in the long run. Such machines use 25% less energy and 33% less water than a standard model. They also have sensors that can monitor the water and energy used in each cycle. As such, you’ll be able to do more laundry while reducing your carbon footprint.

Long serviceability

Washers and dryers are the lifelines of your laundry business. If they break down, your entire operations could be jeopardized. Furthermore, constant breakdowns and failures can force you to purchase your equipment, which can be expensive.  As such, investing in equipment that will serve you, in the long run, is essential. However, once you acquire such machines, the work still needs to be done. You’ll need to maintain these machines properly and have them serviced regularly. This will improve the machines’ functionality and keep them operational. Most laundry machines have a life span of 10-15 years. To outlive this lifespan, they need to be appropriately taken care of. Moreover, modern machines are easy to maintain since spare parts are readily available and affordable.

Multiple varieties to choose from

Commercial washers and dryers come in different types and sizes—each designed to meet your needs. If you have limited space, you can choose the stacked laundry equipment. This is  the type of machine which combines the washer and dryer into a single machine. The dryer is often stacked atop the washer. With such laundry machines, you can utilize your limited space and still delivery quality services.

High-performance washers and dryers are expensive but can save you more on utility bills. These machines use less water and energy; they are also customizable, which reduces the need to hire multiple personnel. Lastly, commercial machines come in different types and sizes, making finding the right option for your business needs easier.