You don’t wait for destiny to create a good life for you, you do it for yourself. Who would know this better than Tej Kohli himself?

A few years ago, the billionaire Tej Kohli took matters in his own hands, and sailed his own ship. The world knows him as a billionaire, but it doesn’t know the struggles that made him the man he became today.

He’s now a self-made man who had his own struggles – especially when he made some wrong investment decisions that cost him a lot. But this wasn’t the end for him. He knew that even when he lost everything, he had to get it back, he had to start from the scratch.

He did what he decided then, and now the rest is history.

Today, besides being known as a wealthy entrepreneur, he’s man with a big heart. He made his life better, and thought why not do the same for others? And so, he became a philanthropist with an intention of changing lives, and making this world a better place.

Here’s his philanthropic journey in brief.

  • Tej Kohli’s first philanthropic enterprise involved providing support to a group of disabled children in Costa Rica. He now knew there’s no joy like that of helping others and making their lives better.
  • Later that year, he began another project, ‘Funda Kohli’. The project set up several free canteens for children to make sure no child sleeps with an empty stomach.
  • In 2010, Mr. Kohli financed corneal transplants at Niramaya Hospital in India. He calls this project his “Calling”.
  • In 2015, after working on his mission to eliminate corneal blindness he founded the Tej Kohli Cornea Institute in Hyderabad. In November 2019, it treated 223,404 outpatients and successfully completed more than 43,255 surgeries.
  • To ensure that the treatment becomes more accessible, Mr Tej Kohli’s Foundation donated $2m to Hardvard Medical School’s Department of Ophthalmology.
  • In 2019, his focus once again shifted to treated disabilities among the underprivileged. Mr. Tej Kohli’s Foundation started its ‘Future Bionics’ program in the UK. The project involved producing 3D printed bionic arms for young people having limb differences.
  • In 2021, philanthropist Tej Kohli collaborated with Dr. Sanduk Ruit to set up the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation. The foundation has embarked on a mission to eliminate cataract blindness in the unprivileged. The outreach camps have been set up third world countries like Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Syria. The foundation has successfully cured over 4,000 people of blindness, and is on a mission of treating 5,00,000 people of blindness by 2026.