Pallet inverters will be needed whenever you need to turn your pallet. As this equipment can offer smooth transfers just by pushing a button or pulling of a lever, such pallet inverters can boost efficiency and also reduce waste for your business. 

By using a suitable Pallet load inverter or they are known as volteador de palets in the German language, can eliminate the need of stacking and re-stacking pallets by hand, which can reduce any risk of damaging products. Thus, the workers can now spend more time doing other tasks that can increase their productivity. 

Let us discuss in this post, a few things that you must know before you decide to buy any pallet inverter to increase your productivity, and also improve your workflow, and create a safer working environment.

What a pallet inverter is?

Pallet inverters will feature a certain unique pallet-gripping system that can allow them to securely either invert or transfer pallets with or without having any product on them. 

As compared to most other types of heavy lifting equipment, pallet inverters are easier to operate and also integrate better with different warehouse equipment and production lines. 

Most inverters can always be manually controlled as your stand-alone units or incorporated into a certain automation sequence. 

Select the right pallet inverter for your specific needs

When buying a pallet inverter, here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself about your needs for transferring and tilting to select the correct choice:

  • What size of the pallet should you need to accommodate? 

If you are planning to transfer or invert pallet loads of the same size, any pallet inverter having a regular range is good enough.

To select a height range for the pallet inverter, consider your biggest pallet load and add at least 5” to accommodate for pallet transfers.

  • Do I need to accommodate many different loads? 

If you are in a business where you need to transfer loads of a different sizes and shaped loads, then you may like to consider a dual clamp pallet inverter having a larger clamp range.

  • What type of product shall I need to rotate? 

Check your products whether they are sturdy and durable or if they need gentler handling. Look for a certain pallet inverter having an appropriate clamp pressure option.

  • How much product shall I need to rotate daily? 

If you happen to be a major distributor or manufacturer, then your pallet inverter may need to be faster to keep up with the demand of workflow. 

Go for a wear-resistant pallet inverter that can rotate product 18o⁰ in no more than 17 seconds for maximizing your company’s efficiency. In case you are a smaller company, then you may like to consider the low-duty inverter, which can be an appropriate option for you.

  • How to load pallet inverter? 

You can find pallet inverters in models that may not require any forklift for loading. These options will be perfect for small areas or any small loads that can be handled easily with a pallet jack.

When investing in your pallet inverter required for your business, many features are available for you to consider.