Because of their strength, durability, and affordability, steel pipes are widely used in many structures or facilities across several industries. However, pipes with no adequate coating can easily corrode due to oxidation. Electroless nickel plating (ENP) using Ni-Carb Coating is a way to save your pipes from corrosion, protect them from wearing, and, ultimately, maximize their lifespan.

ENP is an auto-catalytic process and it doesn’t require an external electron source to produce the plated deposit that protects the surfaces of metals, including steel pipes. The barrier between the pipe and the environment prevents corrosive materials from interacting with the pipe’s surface.

What Is Ni-Carb Coating?

If you’re in an industry that heavily uses steel pipes, you’ll be familiar with NiCarb coating. Actually trademarked by DuraTech Processes as Durabide®, this coating solution comprises silicon carbide particles spread evenly on an electroless nickel base. Apart from silicon particles, their array of coating products also includes other composite materials such as diamond and boron.

Before the coating was branded as Durabide®, many of its users called the specialty coating Ny Carb or Ni-Carb. That name is still popular today. Durabide® is a result of unrivalled research on how chemistry and plating can be best used to provide lightweight yet durable protection to various metal surfaces.

What Are Its Advantages?

Durabide® has been protecting steel pipes of various sizes for decades. And the way it works is that the nickel matrix bonds with the pipe’s surface, creating a tough, protective layer. The fact that it’s electroless means that you won’t need to rely on an external power supply to create the bond to a metal surface. The nickel is deposited onto the surface of the pipes through a chemical reaction.

Here’s how you can benefit from this coating product.

Superior corrosion protection. While the nickel layer is thin, it’s resilient enough to prevent various factors of corrosion from contacting your steel pipes. If your pipes will be subjected to harsh environmental conditions, this coating solution is an ideal choice. By minimizing the risk of corrosion, you can extend the lifespan of your pipes.

Additional hardness to your substrate. After getting treated with heat, nickel deposits can reach a hardness level similar to chromium. This can give your pipe additional durability that can help them withstand various external factors, such as fluctuating temperature.

Improved lubricity. If you want your coating to last long and not be worn down by surface scarring, you must choose something with better lubricity. The great thing about ENP deposits is that they produce less friction against other surfaces and materials.

Coating uniformity. When you’re coating steel pipes or any other metals for that matter, it can be unsightly to have an inconsistent surface. With ENP, you can expect a more precise and uniform deposit thickness. This uniformity makes them an even more ideal choice if you coat unusually shaped sections and components.

Long-term cost-effectiveness. As stated, Ni-Carb coating doesn’t require an external power source. This is one less expenditure item on your financial records. Additionally, with your pipes’ enhanced protection and increased lifespan, you can save money on repair and replacement services.

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