Medium Businesses

Small and medium business establishment in Dubai is among the most popular options for the establishment of a company in the commercial capital of the UAE. Small and Medium Enterprises called SMEs represent the rapid and positive expansion of the economy of Dubai. Many believe that SMEs have been the primary economic engine of Dubai as well as helped other Emirates.

Small and medium-sized enterprises are supported by numerous options within the city, which makes it a great place to position Dubai as a hub for SMEs. Let us look at some of the key factors that are contributing to SME business establishment.

Below are the traits, which establish Dubai as an incubator for SMEs:

  • Pro-Business Government

It is the Dubai Government has always been accommodating to foreign investors. In addition, when the majority of revenues are subsidized by the SME segment, it is a clear indication that the government will favor this segment. Furthermore, Dubai has an exceedingly positive and supportive business-friendly government, with the clearest business rules within the region.

  • DED-backed Dubai SME agency

It is an agency within the Department of Economic Development (DED) located in Dubai The Dubai SME was designed to direct and grow small and medium-sized enterprises and business development in Dubai. Every day it is the Dubai SME comes up with innovative solutions to ensure that the SME sectors achieve positive results in terms of growth-oriented development, which will lead to economic growth. Dubai SME Dubai SME creates initiatives for SMEs, changes laws to protect the sector, identifies and enhances the potential of companies, and comes up with other programs to boost the economy.

  • Private Sector Partners

In the report, 95% of all businesses established in Dubai are small and medium-sized enterprises with 72% of them being micro-enterprises. In addition, the ratio of GDP shows that trading SMEs can generate 47% of GDP. Meydan free zone could help small industries establish themselves in Dubai.

  • Flexibility Business Module

SME business establishment in Dubai is a very flexible business model that can be adapted with intense personalization and business practices that support it. SMEs also have access to a range of information systems and integrate traditional interference.

  • Better Sustainability

With less risk to the financial and a few simple strategies growing small or medium-sized businesses is made easier, creating a sustainable system of progress.

  • Economic Diversity

The growth of technological innovation and knowledge-based business has led to economic diversification within SMEs. This has also provided the opportunity for innovators and visionaries to be part of the mainstream helping budding entrepreneurs, as well as small-scale businesspersons, get into the world of commerce.