It may seem tough to come up with a business idea, but with little thought, preparation and hard work, you may quickly start a small business to supplement your income. Here is a list of small business ideas divided into a few categories to get you started:

  1. Internet resale

Start an internet reseller business if you’re interested in both sales and apparel. You can start your business as a side hustle and grow it into a full-time resale business, but it will require time, commitment, and a keen eye for fashion. You may start by selling your old cloth and then develop your own resale website. So, think about looking for hidden treasures at flea markets and estate auctions and then selling them online to sell for a profit. If you’re careful and will look in the appropriate locations, you can gather a sizable inventory of good-condition products for very little overhead.

  1. Pet sitting

Three-fourths of the majority of American families own a pet. Pet sitting can be an excellent small-business concept if you already have streams of income that only require a laptop and an internet connection. You may operate two income streams at once because almost all pet owners will be happy to let you work on your laptop while you visit their homes with their animals.

Your pet-sitting small business can provide you more help to these families with reassurance when they are away for an extended amount of time. You will keep an eye on your clients’ dogs, cats, or other pets while they are away. You’ll need to play with them, feed them, give them water, and (if they have dogs) walk them as needed as part of your work. You must frequently inform clients of their dogs’ progress if you want to maintain their satisfaction.

  1. Online Teaching

The pandemic has opened a new opportunity for entrepreneurs to earn. As people started living inside their houses, the need for online stuff has increased. Online teaching has been a fantastic idea for entrepreneurs to start a new business. Opportunities for entrepreneurs have arisen due to the demand for online education. Since this is an internet business, you may teach a course on any subject in which you are knowledgeable about from anywhere. So, you can consider teaching English as a foreign language to students overseas if you need more extensive understanding in any particular area.

  1. Cleaning service

If you enjoy cleaning, you can make money doing it. You can provide some services like cleaning services, apartment buildings, and commercial premises with a small team including various cleaning materials, and transportation. The average hourly rate for cleaning services is $25 to $50. Cleaning services are simple enterprises with minimal overhead and all you need for this is preparation, commitment, and promotion to draw clients.

  1. Medical courier service

If you have a dependable car and excellent time management skills, think about starting your own courier service, preferably a specialized medical courier service. Transporting medical supplies, including lab specimens, prescription drugs, and equipment, would fall under your purview as a driver. So, starting a courier service on your own is one of the best options.

  1. App development

Consider a job in app development if you have knowledge and experience in technology. The fact that many Americans carry smartphones around with them every day has fueled demand for mobile apps. The popularity of virtual reality software in recent years has also led to a need for VR app development.

  1. Transcription service

A transcription service will enable you to work from home with a flexible schedule if you have a good ear and can type swiftly. Medical transcription services are becoming necessary with the proliferation of speech recognition technologies for healthcare provider dictation.

You can opt how many or how few transcription tasks you want to accept. This flexibility can be beneficial if you want to start later or if you want to keep your day job for the time being. Consider becoming a certified transcriptionist and specializing in a few areas to improve your company possibilities and allow you to charge more.

Keep track of the tasks you accept because transcription work typically has a 24-hour turnaround period. But because you may initially accept a small number of requests, you can scale up when you’re ready. The starting and overhead costs are really low, which is the best part. Only a computer, the necessary software, and a secure messaging service are required.

  1. Freelance copywriting or content writing

You may make a name for yourself as a freelance copywriter or content writer if you have a knack for language and some understanding of marketing. Several businesses will pay you to write blogs, site material, or press releases. Your worth will increase if you can assist clients in developing a strategy around particular keywords that their target audience is already utilizing in internet searches.

The best thing about running a freelance copywriting business is that you can work from anywhere till you have access to the internet. You can run this business from the convenience of your home or even from a moving vehicle if you like to travel.


Among the small businesses that generate the highest sales and profits are those that use website design, a component of digital marketing. Finding customers and a reliable source of income is more accessible because more people learn about businesses online than through other channels. Since everyone needs a place to live and prefers clean homes, it makes natural that cleaning services and real estate enterprises have high success rates. As a result, this article will provide you with a wealth of excellent business ideas from which to choose.

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