Whenever you decide to change your job or need to move to a new city or state,you also need to think about shipping all your cars. Unless you have to move a very small distance within the range of 500 miles, it will be a better idea to find a good car shipping company and ship your car, which is the smartest decision.

Driving your car for a long distance is always counterproductive. Besides spending on your fuel, you will have to bear many other expenses and also the wear and tear of your vehicle.Ship A Car, Inc. is one of the well-known car shipping companies that may take good care while shipping your car to any location in the country or even abroad.

However, while shipping your car, you need to submit a few documents about your car, which may be needed by the shipping company.

The following are a few documents that your car shipping company may demand, however, it may vary from one shipping company to the other.

Bill of lading

The vehicle shipping bill of lading is the most significant piece of paperwork. The bill of lading for auto transport serves as evidence of delivery and will document the condition of the vehicle upon pickup and delivery.

Insurance T & C

There is usually no requirement for insurance while shipping a vehicle, however, your auto transport company may require it. Because coverage limits vary, make sure the shippers you are considering are properly insured. Always read the insurance policy’s terms and conditions.

Lienholder authorization

If you are still paying off an automobile loan, the lienholder may ask you to obtain official authorization prior to shipping a car. This is because lienholder authorization is only required in case your car shipper will be using a seaport.

Absent owner authorization

If your car shipper is traveling through a port, you will also need the absent owner authorization. If you like to authorize someone else for picking up the car at your destination port, you will need this paperwork.

Title and registration

The vehicle title denotes ownership, whereas registration denotes that your vehicle possesses all of the legally required papers in your home state.Although most firms do not require this document, it never hurts to inquire if your carrier requires any title and registration in order to send your vehicle.

Proof of insurance

When transporting a vehicle, the customer’s proof of insurance is usually not necessary. The majority of firms never ask for this paper and will even move junk automobiles without it.

Photo ID

When shipping a vehicle, a photo ID will be rarely necessary. It all comes down to whether or not transportation corporations want the data for their own databases. A driver’s license is usually sufficient whenever a photo ID is required.

These documents are essential when shipping an automobile, both for your own safety and the safety of the car shipping company. It demonstrates that the vehicle you’re giving and transporting isn’t stolen. It is impossible to ship a car into or out of the USA without this documentation in order.