What Companies Should Know About Going Solar

You may have noticed that in recent years, an increasing number of businesses have chosen to put solar panels on their land. The shift has been significant as more individuals recognize the need for environmental protection. As a result, you may be interested in following this way as well, but you need additional details first.

The following essay looks into the most typical questions that businesses have when they wish to work on this project with a commercial solar installation. Knowing this now will assist in decreasing your hesitancy in asking Opal Energy Group to be your commercial solar installer. If you still have questions after that, their professionals can address them.

Panel Position

When most individuals think of solar panels, they see them mounted on top of a roof. Although this is the most typical placement since the sun’s rays are most likely to hit this high position, there are alternative possibilities. This is because installers assess the location of the property before beginning work.

Even if roofs are high, trees might obscure them, rendering panels ineffective in certain areas. Opal Energy Group will go through your alternatives with you, as they have also installed panels in parking lots and ground mounts, which are ideal for properties with a lot of open space.

If roofing is the greatest option for your business, you don’t have to worry about having the improper material or style of roof. Solar panels may be put on virtually any type of roof.


One of the primary worries that people have about solar panel installation is that it can be expensive. Money is crucial to managing a business; you never want to spend so much that your company goes bankrupt. Installing solar panels may both save as well as earn you money!

To begin with, because you will be utilizing your electric company less frequently, you will save significantly on your power costs over time. This could be a $600,000 difference based on the size and amount of electricity you currently utilize. In addition, both the federal and state governments provide incentives to assist in paying for installation, such as 30% tax credits and 15-year cash-back plans.

Because it might be challenging to pay for a solar panel system in one go, Opal Energy Group will also provide you with finance and leasing alternatives if you want to work with them. Finally, the combination of savings and government support may make your yearly ROI treble and your home worth skyrocket.


Any project on your property is sure to take time or cause inconveniences, so you should be well prepared before you have panels placed. Adding a solar system to your business may take many months, but you can continue to operate your business as normal.

Solar panel installation will not need the removal of your present roof or the cause of interior harm. Specifically, you will need to be concerned about construction noises and notify your customers and staff about them. Depending on where these panels are positioned, you may need to make alterations to parking or any outside seats. Your business installer will provide you with a timeline so you know precisely when and for how long they will be working.

Selecting Opal Energy Group

Now that you are ready to purchase solar panels, you must select the correct team. For years, Opal Energy Group has been the leading choice for New Jersey companies and households, delivering gorgeous installations utilizing the best solar brands available.

They can not only give basic paneling, but they can also assist businesses in designing styles that are adapted to their specific requirements. Once your project is completed, you may turn to them for assistance with generators or backup batteries, so you will never need to be concerned about a drop in performance, even on cloudy days.

Going green is an excellent choice for everyone, but especially for company owners. You might still not be a total expert in solar panels, but you now know the fundamentals. Contact Opal Energy Group as soon as possible for further information or to get started.