Andrew Tate’s Hustlers University has been making waves online, with the self-proclaimed success coach amassing millions of followers across social media. This University is an online educational platform created by Andrew Tate, a former professional kickboxer turned internet celebrity and self-help guru. On the website, he promises to teach you “everything you need to know about making money.” The program includes video courses on topics like dropshipping, social media marketing, investing in crypto, running online businesses, and more. Tate markets it as a fast track to success and financial freedom. He claims the knowledge you gain as a member leads to your first million. It appeals directly to young hustlers who want to emulate Tate’s lavish, playboy lifestyle. Membership levels start at $49 per month for standard access.

Inside the member dashboard

After signing up for a month of access, a member dashboard appeared. This is where all the training content is organized into different sections. Some of the main course categories include.

  • Keys to success – Tate’s general lessons and philosophies around hustling and the entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Make money – Different strategies for making money online and getting rich. It covers e-commerce stores, affiliate marketing, social media growth, investing, and more.
  • Be successful – Lifestyle habits and routines for elevating your productivity, confidence, and overall success.
  • Hustler’s paradise – Real-life examples and testimonials from HU members achieving financial freedom.

The dashboard is easy to navigate with all the training content laid out in a structured way. Each video lesson runs 10-20 minutes in length, and there are over 100 videos in total, with more added weekly.

Course highlights

  1. Guide to crypto trading – Entry-level tutorial on how to invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Covers setting up accounts, technical analysis, and developing a trading plan.
  2. Business ideas masterclass – Breakdown of proven business models like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and social media agencies.
  3. Millionaire morning routine – Steps to upgrade your morning ritual for peak productivity and success mindset.
  4. Real estate investing – Intro to building long-term wealth through real estate. Tate covers different investment strategies.
  5. Insider secrets to going viral – Tate reveals tactics he used to grow his social media pages into millions of followers.

While the core focus is on chasing wealth, the courses also aim to elevate your mindset. Tate emphasizes the importance of discipline, high-performance habits, and detachment from wanting instant validation or overnight success.

Is hustler’s university worth it?

At the end of the day, an in-depth look at hustlers university is solid. For beginners, the courses provide a strong introduction to entrepreneurship and investing. Tate offers actionable tips that steer you in the right direction. If you look past the controversy around its founder, there are nuggets of business wisdom worth learning here. It requires having an existing work ethic and motivation to apply what you learn. If you’re expecting Tate to suddenly turn you into a millionaire, you’ll likely end up disappointed. Consistent effort over time is required to see results. For driven individuals willing to put in the work, Hustler’s University provides valuable guidance to help you level up your business and financial knowledge.