Due to their high durability and even positioning, roofs are often a somewhat forgotten part of the house. The consequence of this neglect is many inconveniences resulting in the need to repair the roof and, depending on the severity, other parts of the house that end up damaged by this neglect.

Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to this structure that protects the property! Want to know more about the importance of roof cleaning and maintenance? So, continue with us:

The metal roof for example is like a filter and therefore needs to be cleaned to continue to perform this function well. As you already know, the roof is the property’s roof, used even when you already have a slab, as it reinforces the protection of the interior against various climatic and environmental discomforts. Because it is exposed, it wears out over time and accumulates different types of dirt.

What happens if you don’t clean? Well, if the roof accumulates, for example, silt, it can be weakened and disintegrate easily, making it necessary to replace the tiles, at best. When it accumulates more significant residues, such as branches, leaves, and others, the appearance of fungi that damage the tile may occur due to the slowness of the drying process after rains. In cases of more significant accumulation, the result can be disastrous, with water leaks and infiltrations that will end up causing, in addition to repairing the roof, you also have to repair walls, ceilings, slabs, appliances, and other items that the moisture can damage. Now, maybe you’re wondering: just cleaning solves it? And the answer is: no.

Maintaining The Roof Requires More Than Cleaning

In addition to cleaning the roof, you should be aware of other actions necessary for reroofing and maintenance. It is recommended to check that all the tiles are in good condition, renew the waterproofing, and, for greater benefits, paint! In addition to enhancing the property’s aesthetics, the painting of the roof may have other relation to thermal comfort and waterproofing itself.

For example, using darker colors increases heat retention, which is interesting for cold places. On the contrary, lighter colors help to block the heat, which makes the place feel cooler. Currently, there are several paints with interesting additions for covering conservation.