Have you ever needed to manufacture a wax seal and found an old, hardened tablespoon of wax instead? really miserable Cleaning a spoon for wax sealing is easy if you use the methods described in this short instruction.

After reflection

It is easy to forget the need of cleanliness when making delicate wax seals. This suggests that the wax in your melting spoon might perhaps harden when it cools. If you do this, your subsequent project is probably going to have a bad colour. You must learn how to properly clean and maintain your wax seal spoon and materials if you don’t want to experience this unpleasant colour mismatch. Also, it’s critical that your tools be in excellent working order. You can be sure it will be simple. So how to clean wax seal spoon?

How to Clean Your Wax Seal Spoon Correctly

Let’s presume that your most recent experiences purchasing stamps and sealing envelopes were joyful. The spoon you set aside is now cooling a wax shell within. Be sure to give the spoon a thorough cleaning so it sparkles like new.

Melt the wax in a pan.

The wax seal spoon has to be remelted before use if it is still warm from your last task or has completely set. Avoid sticking your fingers into the flame while holding the spoon over the candle. As a consequence, a layer of soot will accumulate on the spoon’s base. The black residue is still easily washable even if it does stick to you.

Excess may be gotten rid of by pouring it away or scraping it off the surface.

You may scrape off the wax with your spoon or throw it away if it is hot. I just emptied the jar’s contents onto a piece of paper until all of the wax was gone. On the other hand, you may remove any surplus by using a teaspoon. While it will harden on the spoon’s tip, it shouldn’t be too difficult to remove using a scraper.

Clean the Soup Spoon After Consuming.

Then, use a bit of the paper towel to roll into a ball and clean the inside and outside of the candle while the wax is still warm. It wouldn’t be a good idea to scratch your body on the metal since it would be so hot.

An Exquisite Spoon for Sealing Wax That Glistens

That essentially covers all bases. It’s okay if you didn’t consider this option while you were attempting to address the issue; it took me some time to realise it myself. You may go on to the next activity without worrying about destroying anything after you’ve cleaned up. In order to do that, I provide this lesson in the sincere hope that it will be helpful and that you will enjoy the process of making a wax seal.