In search of additional income people often decide to start investing. After researching the industry and familiarizing themselves with the risks, they are facing the first problem on their way – which exchange to choose for trading. In the age of digital technology, not only the supply and quality of the offered goods are evolving, but also, unfortunately, the number of scammers. The first page of the search often displays unscrupulous projects under the guise of advertising. They either don’t deliver on their stated promises or worse, they create their sites for the purpose of funneling customers’ money into their pockets. There are not many quality exchanges, one of the proven is Zineera. 

You can find a lot of feedback and reviews on the Internet about this platform. Most of them are positive, so that attracts investors a lot. After the first acquaintance, a future client may be faced with the question of how to register. After all, the first thing you must enter when registering is the activation code. 

Where to get the code and why Zineera requires it

Throughout the entire operation of the resource, which is more than 5 years, the code could be obtained from the support service. But since 2022, the company has changed the terms of access to the exchange. Now the code can only be generated by a current member of the affiliate program. This was done to reduce the influx of people from all over the world. Since its launch, the company has been evolving and offering its users more and more comfortable conditions for trading, which has attracted a large number of people. To reduce the risk of site breakdowns, the team had to make the difficult decision to restrict registration.  Zineera makes every effort to provide an individual approach to each customer. The site has a 24-hour support service that can help with any request. 

Investors from all over the world deeply appreciated the company’s action and noted that the site has become even more comfortable. If you are a novice trader, then you should definitely pay attention to the Zineera exchange, because it offers all the necessary conditions for successful trading. There you will find training materials, news from the world of finance, and modern tools for trading and analysis.