Weigh-in-motion systems ease the halting requirements for vehicles when they need weighing. Instead, they continue to move at a slower pace while the measurements and data are being captured accurately and instantly. While there are still occasions when static weighbridges or axle scales are more suited, automated systems ensure efficiency, versatility and accuracy. If your operation requires vehicle weighing for any reason, you may want to consider the following advantages of a weigh-in-motion system.

It Helps Improve Productivity 

The entire procedure is far more productive since vehicles do not have to stop in order to be weighed. In fact, they may continue with moderate driving while their weight is being verified in nanoseconds. There are no unnecessary delays and a large number of vehicles can be dealt with on a daily basis. They are convenient for use in congested sights like freight ports, where speed and efficiency are essential for avoiding delays.

It Helps With Instant Identification of Overloaded Vehicles

Vehicle overloading is a severe problem that may prove costly on many levels. Operators may come across financial penalties and vehicles, on the other hand, will suffer needless and early wear and tear. A weigh-in-motion scale is an effective safeguard against these infringements as it allows cars with overloaded axles to be spotted immediately before they drive on public roads.

It Helps Improve Efficiency

Weigh-in-motion scales enable the accurate weighing of unattended vehicles. In addition to this, they focus on and help avoid operational errors in aid of enhancing efficiency. As well as preventing truck overloading, they also help prevent under loading, allowing operators to organise their cargos to maximise outputs.

It Provides Comprehensive Reporting

To increase site safety and satisfy the expectations of the most demanding applications, weigh-in-motion scales are fully integrated with peripheral equipment. These include: control barriers, CCTV cameras, traffic signals and traffic management signs amongst many others. Data is automatically gathered, recorded and saved for later retrieval. With internet connection, the data can be interfaced to offer fleet operators for product or supplier analysis, vehicle statistics and other productivity data.

It Is Cost-Effective and User Friendly

Due to the minimal installation expenses (a weigh-in-motion scale typically requires a shallow pit), they provide a cost-effective solution They are also inexpensive to maintain and require relatively low-power supplies which allow for greater efficiency.

These robust yet precise weighing scales provide a myriad of benefits to plant operators, fleet managers and have become critical assets for a variety of industries. If a weigh-in-motion scale sounds like the right option for your business, contact the weighing experts at Trakblaze Pty Ltd. Their friendly team of industry experts will recommend the most suitable option for your weighing needs.