Punters visit their favourite burger restaurant with almost a singular purpose- to devour the most delectable food in their locality. However, keeping these loyal foodies coming back for more is dependent on how they interact with your restaurant on a personal level. 

Milky Lane is one of the best burger restaurants in Australia. Not only because they have a fully-serviced menu of delicious burgers, unique cocktails and tantalising sides but because they offer a personalised experience- one that makes the customer feel valued and satisfied. You can check out their menu here!

Milk Lane is living proof that food quality alone is not the only incentive for a customer to return or refer their friends. Customer relationships are the primary factor that affects the restaurant business and without a raft of loyal customers, no restaurant can get the desired profit or reputation. Building a stronger relationship with customers is key in attracting new faces and getting to know your customers on a deeper level will also allow you to make more informed decisions as you grow.

However, building a good relationship with the customers does not happen overnight; it takes time, the efforts of all the people involved in a restaurant, and customer cooperation. 

Here are two of the essential things that Milky Lane – the best burger restaurant in Australia, does to build a stronger relationship with customers:

Build Relationship Outside The Restaurant

When people enter a restaurant, welcoming and helping them is a bare minimum requirement of the staff’s service. For those eager to foster a deeper connection with their customers, considering their interaction with your brand before they physically turn up is essential. This can easily be nurtured through a more personalised approach to communication via your business website, social media, email or monthly newsletter.

In the digital era, online reviews have the greatest influence on the customers; the positive reviews will attract customers while the negative ones have the potential to destroy the reputation. When you focus the interaction with your customers before they dine in, the connection is built.  Milky Lane has been focusing on customer relationships since the beginning. They have a table reservation system, in-detail menu, location description, pictures and social media that connects them with the customers. They’re also extremely responsive to queries and bookings as they understand the value of each customers’ time.

Keeping Customers As The Number One Priority

Keeping customers happy, serving them well and listening to their feedback are the lifeblood of popularity and a healthy bottom line. If your customers complain, listen to them and try to solve their issues as this will build a much stronger relationship and improve your business tenfold. 

This also suggests you exist to service their needs as a foodie over the immediate needs of your bottom line. Both are important however the former is what spreads the word and this is what Milky Lane follows religiously. They appreciate customersfeedback and implement solutions because, after all, there is no menu without a healthy amount of loyal customers who are also super fans. 


Milky Lane offers their customers a memorable dining experience with a personal touch and is the short reason why they’re one of Australia’s best burger joints. If you have not visited Milky Lane yet, book your table online via the Milky Lane website to ensure you have a seat at one of the best tables in town.